RATIO WATCH: Nell Scovell

It’s been a while since we’ve had our last ‘RATIO WATCH!’ post on here. If you can recall a few months back, our last Blue Check featured in this segment was the notorious Pete Dominick and his take on children twerking. It’s quite difficult to have a worse tweet than that, but these Blue Checks are certainly trying. The subject of today’s post, Nell Scovell, is no exception to this. Let’s see what’s going on in the world of Blue Check Twitter today.

Who Is ‘Nell Scovell’?

Before we look at the ratio(s), let’s quickly introduce this Nell Scovell character. Admittedly, we had no idea who she was and assumed she was yet another ‘anonymous blue check’ like Pete and others we feature. After a brief search, we found that she actually is a ‘somebody’ with a good amount of work experience. A writer who has worked for numerous outlets like NY Times Mag, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, she also has TV experience with Dave Lettermen, The Simpson’s, Murphy Brown, NCIS, and others. With a fairly impressive resume compared to our usual suspects, Scovell also delves into the realm of politics. Espousing takes and viewpoints that echo a ‘centrist’ Democrat/Never-Trump Republican, Scovell naturally has disdain towards anyone who even remotely got along with Trump. Add Twitter to this dynamic and you have yourselves a recipe for a nice ratio.

Tornadoes in Kentucky

To ensure everyone is on the same page, let us quickly run through the ‘current event’ that will be the subject of Scovell’s tweet. Many are probably aware already, but a series of deadly tornadoes had recently ravaged several states in the South/Midwest portions of the United States. None were hit as hard as the Commonwealth of Kentucky, however. As this post is being finalized, the headline below has the latest death count from this tragedy:

For the curious minds reading this, we quickly grabbed data regarding tornadoes from 3 states to compare, as we were genuinely unsure how frequent these tornadoes are in Kentucky. Using Kentucky (subject of this post), California (low tornado activity), and Oklahoma (heart of Tornado Alley), this is what we quickly gathered:

As you can see, Kentucky falls right in between both states in terms of total number of tornadoes. So while the state doesn’t see them at the rate of Oklahoma, they’ve seen their fair share of tornadoes through the years. Keep this in mind as we move along to Scovell’s ratio(s).

The Ratio Begins

Those who are highly opinionated with partisan politics in America often waste no time in tying current events with actions of their opposition. Both sides do this and are simply dreadful in the process, but sometimes it becomes a bit TOO MUCH for people. That would be the case with Nell Scovell, as she had this to say about Kentucky state senators (both Republicans) with regards to the aforementioned tornadoes:

It took a second to figure out, but ‘Noel’ is simply a reference to Christmas season. A nice gesture from someone who doesn’t even celebrate Christmas! Go figure!

As you can see by the Quote Tweets compared to the Retweets, people were not happy with this take. A general rule of thumb is that in most cases, you can assume that these Quote Tweets are negatively reacting to the original. This would indeed be one of those cases, as you can imagine. Blue Checks ranging in ideology came together to call Scovell out, as well as politicians in the same party as her.

EVERYONE was critiquing this bad take of hers and the ratio was building-up very quickly. As you could imagine, the only logical next step was to delete the tweet. But before that, Nell offered some last-minute clarification amid this mounting ratio:

Within 2 hours, her clarification tweet was also ratio’d and Scovell was forced to delete the original. Naturally, she had something to say about this as well:

Suffice to say, Twitter dot com was not going to forget about this one. As they should, considering how awful her take really was. Up until the point of this post being written, Scovell has NOT even released the typical blue check apology, which acts more like a back-handed admission of guilt as opposed to a sincere apology. Luckily for her, we just made a form to assist with this process:

Ranking The Ratios

Scovell’s series of tweets and ratios would place her very highly on BOTH of our site rankings: the regular Twitter Ratio Rankings and the newest Quote Tweet Rankings. One problem we are having, however, is that we can not determine the ‘height’ of this ratio. Because she deleted the original quite fast, we have to piece-together screenshots to find the highest total before the deletion. After searching for a little while, the numbers available below are the MOST RECENT ones we have that are eligible for the rankings. The two images were taken at different times, but the Ratio Rankings require screenshots of BOTH the replies and RT’s to count. No assumptions or estimates.

As far as the other tweets are concerned, we will add those to the list(s) when everything has calmed down and the Quote Tweets ‘level off’. So be sure to check back to see just how bad Nell Scovell’s ratios truly were.

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