Verified Watch #2: The “Rising Star” Lakota Man

NOTE: Due to the changes made to Twitter's "Verification" system shortly after Elon Musk's purchase, we no longer need to speculate about the topic....


RATIO WATCH: Peter Schiff

It's time for the latest "Ratio Watch" update, as Peter Schiff has caused quite a stir on Twitter dot com. All it took...

Twitter RATIO WATCH: Dr. Ibram “X” Kendi

Good afternoon/evening to everyone who happens to stumble upon this post! This is your President, with an update on a "Ratio" that occurred...

RATIO WATCH: Cenk Uygur Takes Bi-Partisan L’s

Cenk Uygur is a fascinating figure and case study. While seemingly NOBODY on either side of the 'political spectrum' likes the guy, he...

The Curious Case of “Dr. Jialun”

Blue Check University was a project created to help 'shine a light' to the outside world about the happenings and nonsense associated with the...

Twitter Ratio Watch: Pete Dominick

Pete Dominick is a name you probably have never heard of. And you probably shouldn't have heard of him either, as he's one...


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