RATIO WATCH: Cenk Uygur Takes Bi-Partisan L’s

Cenk Uygur is a fascinating figure and case study. While seemingly NOBODY on either side of the ‘political spectrum’ likes the guy, he still gets large amounts of viewership and media appearances. He will be the focus of this edition of ‘Ratio Watch’.

Cenk Takes on Mike Lindell

Yesterday, Cenk Uygur decided to focus his rage at one Mike Lindell; the famed Trump-supporting CEO of MyPillow. While many Blue Checkmarks have gone after the man in numerous ways, Cenk decided to take a unique approach to the matter.

A BOLD MOVE for sure by going after the ‘crack addiction’ Lindell purportedly had. Especially considering the large amount of ‘fodder’ he has given detractors to use against him. Suffice to say, the replies were none too pleased.

Mind you, these were only SOME of the MANY tweets that bashed Cenk. Surely, the bi-partisan ratio would cause him to think twice about the tweet, right?

Cenk Doubles Down

OF COURSE NOT!! But hey, being THIS defiant is all a part of Blue Check Twitter!

Cenk’s ‘Ratio Rank’

Where does this leave Cenk in our ‘Ratio Rankings‘? After removing the ‘Quote Tweets’ from the calculation and giving him a 24 hour time period to let everything settle, this ratio ranks 73rd on our OFFICIAL list. Not the best by any stretch, but nothing to be ashamed of, either!

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