Quote Tweet Rankings

  • Tweets MUST have at least 1,000 'Quote Retweets' to qualify for the list.
  • 'Quote Tweet' totals will be determined after interaction 'levels off' or the tweet is deleted.
  • Deleted tweets MUST have photo evidence of their 'Quote Tweet' total.
  • Tweets that intentionally seek-out interaction or 'Quote Tweets' will NOT be included (Ex. A tweet asking users to reply with their favorite ice cream flavor.)
  • Blue Check users AND non-verified users will be included in this list.
  • Tweets on this list ARE allowed to have 'closed replies'.
  • 'Normal' Retweets will NOT be included in the total above.
  • Because of several factors, tweets from Donald Trump will NOT be included on this list.
  • Submit your images and pictures of potential list-worthy tweets by using the form BELOW!