Twitter Ratio Watch: Pete Dominick

Pete Dominick is a name you probably have never heard of. And you probably shouldn’t have heard of him either, as he’s one of the many Blue Check “nobodies” we document throughout the site. For the sake of this post, understand that Peter is a “stand-up comedian” who (tries to) seamlessly blend politics AND comedy into one cohesive act.

As you can see, Pete’s “act” is hugely popular on YouTube as well as Twitter. This should hopefully answer any lingering questions about why this man received his “Blue Checkmark”. In case it didn’t, his recent tweets will DEFINITELY make it clear.

The Beginnings of a “Ratio”

This latest saga begins with a few tweets of Pete’s that were quite dramatic, albeit standard for the average Blue Checkmark on Twitter.

Awful tweets and takes for sure, but again, not anything we haven’t seen from our Blue Check friends. The important part being the fact that Pete’s replies were full of people questioning and mocking him. Pete must’ve seen enough of these replies before eventually asking the question that this post centers around.

Pete Asks Twitter

Whether or not Pete had sincere curiosity or was being intentionally obtuse is something we may never know the answer to. Regardless of the intent, it would lead him to crafting one of the worst tweets we’ve ever seen on Twitter dot com:

WHEWWWWWW!!! What a tweet! If he was genuinely serious with his question, then he’s unintelligent. If he was being intentionally obtuse with the question, then………yikes. It gets more pathetic when you read his profile and bio:

Truly an awful moment for Blue Checkmarks across Twitter who wish to move past the “stigma” that possessing the checkmark comes with. It can’t get worse, can it?

Pete Doubles Down

Truth be told, Pete would do far more than “double down”. Saying he “tripled down” sounds strange and still may not do enough justice for his response after. Regardless, let’s get to his first “response”, which was a reply to the tweet above:

He then began replying to individuals in the thread itself:

Then came this tweet:

Yeah………..he actually said that. Commentary on it is probably unnecessary, as anyone with a brain could understand how wrong and idiotic he sounded.

Legacy of the “Pete Dominick Ratio”

It’s a bit too early to place Pete’s tweets on our Twitter Ratio Rankings, as 24 hours has not passed since it was initially posted. With that being said, it is NOT too early to begin discussing the “legacy” of this series of monumentally atrocious tweets. One look at his timeline today will give you a general idea of the public perception of it, with each unrelated tweet being filled with replies that reference his behavior. When we last took a look at the tweet that started everything, this was where the numbers were:

By our estimates, this ratio pacing would place Pete in the top 10 in our all-time rankings! Along with this, Pete has also qualified for the Worst Tweet of 2021 qualifying voting round, with many users believing that this was now the FRONTRUNNER in the competition! The series of tweets alone has allowed Pete to qualify for Blue Check of the Year voting as well. Truly impressive, given some of the other users who have also qualified for the competition.

We will update this post when the ranking is posted and if any additional tweets are shared! Stay tuned everyone.

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