1. A ratio’ on this list is calculated by the following: RETWEETS / REPLIES

  • A “Retweet” will be explained below, as far as what we do and do not count + adjustments to Twitter updates.
  • A “Reply” is simply the amount of replies on the INDIVIDUAL tweet in question. Totals of thread replies will not count.
  • The term “Ratio” means different things to different people, with some including “Likes” and using other methodologies. We personally use the “RT/Rep” definition because it allows us to quantify tweets and takes, while using a much better indicator of tweet satisfaction (Retweets over Likes) when compared to other prevailing schools of thought. We RESPECT these other definitions, however, and may even begin to add several lists for things like “Like-Reply” ratio calculations.


  • This rule was created to prevent “smaller” ratios from ranking highly while not being subjected to as much exposure. We feel that the figure of 1,000 Replies is a good benchmark for tweet popularity, while allowing a large amount of people to rank.

3. The “quote tweet’ is EXCLUDED from the “retweet’ total, meaning we will simply ignore them for the sake of RT’s for this list.

4. “Reply tweets”, or tweets asking for user interaction, are EXCLUDED.

  • Quite simply, the tweet should have genuine engagement and/or pass the “smell test”. With the idea that this list seeks to quantitatively determine the “worst” tweet of all time, user engagement should reflect an overwhelmingly NEGATIVE opinion.
  • Take this example tweet: “Hmmmmm, what game should I play next followers?” *tweet accrues 1.5k replies with suggestions/answers with low RT totals* In theory, these tweets would score poorly given our calculation method. But quite clearly, a tweet asking about video game suggestions isn’t a “ratio”, regardless of numbers.
  • Note: This is not to be confused with actual replies to tweets, which ARE ALLOWED.

5. “Current” tweets are added to the list after engagement “slows down” on the post in-question. Newly “discovered” tweets that are older than the current year will be added immediately.

  • Each is different, but generally anything older than 2 DAYS will have appropriately achieved this.

6. Tweets can be from BOTH blue check + non-blue check users.

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