RATIO WATCH: Robinhood

Good evening to our WONDERFUL and TOLERANT community here at Blue Check University! It’s your President again with one more update with regards to the happenings in the world of Wall Street. This will be quick but is important to take note of, as we are monitoring the situation very closely.

ROBINHOOD broke their deafening silence yesterday morning with the tweet above, hoping to quell the flames of Twitter backlash. Suffice to say, this tweet was NOT the best way to go about the situation. And while it may appear to be your typical “high volume ratio” loaded with replies AND RT’s, you have to dig deeper to see the full story.

Earlier in 2020, Twitter released an update that essentially lumped the “Quote Tweet” and “Retweet” together into one figure. This became problematic when considering the fact that the two are simply not used in the same contexts. Thus, we wrote about HOW to deal with this change a few months back.

When counting ONLY the RT’s when calculating Robinhood’s ‘Ratio’, the number is pretty low. While we generally allow tweets to eclipse 24 hours before adding them into our Ratio Rankings, a tweet of this magnitude needs more time before the dust settles. When figures begin to stabilize and the ratio subsides, we will add this instant classic to the rankings.

Until then, grab you popcorn and enjoy the show in the replies and quote tweets!

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