Verified Watch #3: ‘The Academic’ Jason Stanley

NOTE: Due to the changes made to Twitter’s “Verification” system shortly after Elon Musk’s purchase, we no longer need to speculate about the topic. Check out our post addressing the changes in the link here!

It’s time for another installment of Verified Watch, as we are slowly but surely adding to our list of potential Blue Checkmarks on Twitter dot com. Today we’ll take a look at the candidacy of one of the most educated users you’ll see here, proving just how important his years of degrees were in the process!

Introducing Jason Stanley

A man you definitely have seen on Twitter before, Jason Stanley finds himself being a bit more ‘established’ than others we’ve looked at. Teaching Philosophy at the university level by day, Jason finds himself tweeting about perceived ‘bigotry’ and other political observations in his free time. The author of a book about ‘Fascism’, Jason is very passionate about what he believes in and feels very strongly about it. This is evident in many of his tweets.

While his views are nothing out of the ordinary for a person of his stature and education level, Jason ‘differentiates’ himself from the pack in several ways.

As you can surmise, Jason is ALL over the place when posting on Twitter dot com. While this benefits him in most cases, he will also find himself getting mocked over a large number of his tweets as well. This criticism also comes from both “Right” and “Left” leaning individuals; indicating that Jason has perhaps ruffled quite a few feathers. But as a prestigious academic and professor at Yale, the saga involving his SAT Scores was easily his “low point” and caused quite a few people to stop following him altogether.

A Twitter rant for the ages, Jason eventually deleted these tweets, but not before the entirety of the site managed to take pictures of the thread. Between his smug and condescending tone, an irrelevant field of study, and opinions that align with the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies, Jason was hearing it from EVERYONE after this one. And from that point on, Jason has only added to his Blue Check credentials in what was already an impressive resume. But along with the positive contributions made by Jason, there exists a large number of negatives as well. Will one of these outweigh the other or is Jason’s Blue Check status unclear? Let’s take a look at how we scored it:

Jason Stanley’s Verified Watch Scores

Comments and Notes

To streamline these posts for faster and easier posting, we’re going to include a ‘Pro/Cons’ list and briefly discuss that from now on. While Jason’s above score wasn’t bad at all, it’s currently the lowest of the 3 we have already completed. There are several reasons why Jason isn’t scoring as highly as them, however.

Quite simply, Jason needs to RELAX when posting on Twitter dot com. His education level and political views alone would allow him to receive a Blue Checkmark quite fast. If not for the emotional threads, responses to trolls, and smug tone while being disagreeable, Jason would probably have his Blue Checkmark by now. Much like the talented football player who performs below their potential in games, there’s a lot to work with and a lot to improve. That said, we are confident that Jason will make these adjustments and join the esteemed club of Verified Twitter!

What do YOU think should be Jason’s scores for each category? Using the stars below, we want you to give your honest assessment of his Blue Check candidacy. If you need to refer to the Rules and Regulations to familiarize yourself with each “Pillar”, just follow this link. Also note that the ranking below each category is the user average, which will reflect your submission upon page refresh.

Be sure to check out the newest ‘Verified Watch’ standings, which are going to be added to the chart with each new post.

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