Rittenhouse Trial Verdict Reactions

Well it’s official everyone. The verdict to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has been reached, bringing the highly publicized case to a conclusion after several weeks. Naturally of course, the Blue Checks on Twitter have been sharing their thoughts and opinions throughout the afternoon. While many Blue Checks who lean on the “conservative” side have been pleased by the verdict, an overwhelming amount on the ‘opposite side’ have responded quite negatively. Reasons given for the verdict included everything from academia sociological theories to outright lies and fabrications. Many of those in favor of the ruling, however, have been busy dropping some of the worst ‘one-liners’ you will ever see and calling for everyone to be sued. Keep in mind also that the Kyle Rittenhouse story was the reason why Jason Nguyen conducted his investigative journalism earlier in the year, as we documented in this post.

As you’ll also notice, many of the Blue Checks are generally tweeting the same exact stuff with slight phrasing differences. This is something especially prominent among Blue Check has-been actors/actresses and athletes, as adherence to groupthink is a very important trait to have in those circles. If you didn’t know any better, you would think that these tweets were coordinated to foment strife. But hey, these people are VERIFIED on Twitter dot com and are foremost experts on everything they speak-out about!

Point being, it’s a mess on Twitter dot com right now, as Blue Checks across the board continue to share their insightful legal knowledge and wisdom. Luckily, we’ve been grabbing screenshots of their tweets throughout the day and have thrown them in a gallery for your convenience! Separate from the first gallery that includes Rittenhouse Reactions as the trial was ongoing, this will continue to be updated as more-and-more Blue Check legal takes are dropped! Feel free to use any of these images for whatever purpose and no need to give us credit. It of course would be great if you shared the word of our ESTEEMED institution, however.

Enjoy reading the Blue Check wisdom! Prepare yourself to learn more about the law, sociology, racism, etc., than you ever have before. Also be sure to check out our 2021 End-of-the-Year Tournaments and vote in as many as you can!

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