Introducing the “Blue Check Moment of the Week”

Something new that we will be doing here at Blue Check U will include a weekly competition that seeks to determine which Blue Checkmark shines above the rest. “Blue Check Moment of the Week” will seek to find the user worthy of this title each week, as decided by a BCU panel vote. At the end of each month, we will open up the vote to the public to determine the official BLUE CHECK of the MONTH! We won’t start this until AFTER 2021 and the end-of-the-year tournaments are concluded, so the first vote will include each of the weekly winners up until January.

Introducing the FIRST EVER Recipient of the “Blue Check Moment of the Week” (11/11-11/17)

Admittedly, it was quite difficult to choose this first winner, as there were so many interesting takes due to the ongoing Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. After narrowing the field down to the top four, our panel overwhelmingly chose this tweet by Thomas E. Ricks.

We always avoid taking political sides to the best of our ability, mainly because both ‘sides’ are quite lame. This tweet, however, is something that everyone can agree is pretty ‘out there’. Many users were quick to point out the images and/or videos that proved the opposite, while others simply laughed at the fact that Thomas won a Pulitzer Prize before.

Not only does Thomas deny something that even the most biased mainstream media outlets reported on nightly, but he also calls those who disagree with his premise a “Russian” or “dumbass dupe”. Rarely does such a concise tweet have falsehoods, strawman arguments, and obvious gaslighting packed in to one. But Thomas managed to pull it off, earning him the honor of being our FIRST EVER winner of the “Blue Check Moment of the Week”! Congratulations Thomas!

Submit Your OWN Nomination for Next Week’s “Blue Check Moment of the Week”

Help us out and submit YOUR upcoming nominees for EACH WEEK by filling out the form below, or by following this link. Your help and input would be greatly appreciated!

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