BCU Tweets Gallery: Easter Weekend 2021 Update

Good afternoon all! This is your President (Commish) with a QUICK announcement regarding the BCU Tweets section of the site and a change associated with it! As some of you may know, there are A LOT of tweets contained in that gallery (close to 2,000 at this point). While it’s great to have that many screenshots of Blue Checkmark (and some other) tweets in one place, you can only imagine how much data is loaded at one time. Thus, the page has often been quite slow to load the images.

While we will still continue to upload all tweets to that Gallery, we figured that we would ALSO provide a condensed version of the tweets each time we have a mass upload. This way, you can see ALL of the wild images we have to share while avoiding the load times/glitches with the other page.

This first edition of “condensed” BCU Tweets includes screenshots taken about 1-2 months ago. A new edition can be expected every 1-2 months, as we upload images in bulk to save time and energy! As always, feel free to download, share, steal, or do whatever with these images.

BCU Tweets Gallery #1: Easter Weekend 2021 (April)

ENJOY your Easter Weekend, everyone!

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