BCU School of Law: Rittenhouse Trial Legal Takes

If there’s one subject area Blue Check Twitter knows the most about, it has to be anything pertaining to the Law; especially in the United States! The beginning of the trial involving Kyle Rittenhouse has gotten the attention of Blue Check Twitter across the political spectrum, dominating the “Trending” section for the past couple of days. Luckily for us ‘non-verified’ peasants, the Blue Checks have been dishing out some FREE legal wisdom that reflects their vast experiences and knowledge! As such, we have compiled a gallery of Blue Check legal takes that reflect ALL ‘sides’ of the trial and varying opinions on the evidence presented. As always, we won’t be giving an opinion one way or another, as we are just the ‘messengers’ of Blue Check insight.

This will be a ‘running’ gallery that will be updated as we see fit, so be sure to share and check back often so others aren’t missing out on these free legal takes from respected individuals! If you would like to share a screenshot of your own that would be a good addition to the gallery, simply fill out the form below and we will review it before adding!

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