2022 Blue Check Awards and Voting Results

Yes, it is February 2023 and we are sharing 2022 Blue Check Awards winners. Given the changes to the Twitter verification system after Elon Musk took over and some other unforeseen circumstances, our 2022 voting was delayed a bit. With all voting done on a separate app as opposed to last year, improvements were certainly made, with much room for growth as well!

We won’t talk about the details of each Award, as most are self-explanatory or were discussed on Telegram during voting. Also, note that we are merely the ‘messengers’ of these Blue Check Awards that consist almost entirely of community nominations. Thus, we tried our darndest to find nominees representing a variety of political/other viewpoints. These Blue Check Awards are simply a light-hearted look back at the year on Twitter, not a political endorsement.

Worst (Blue Check) Tweet of the Year 2022

Blue Check of the Year 2022

Moment of the Year 2022

Grifter of the Year 2022

Smollett Award 2022 (Fake/Hoax Story Fail of the Year)

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