Elon Musk

the single most polarizing figure on Twitter in the post-Trump Suspension Era, Elon Musk has ruffled feathers during his attempted purchase of the site and with his various other tweets. Serving as a ‘hero’ for one ‘side’ and a ‘villain’ for another, Musk routinely manages to fall short of these lofty expectations from either group by maintaining milquetoast centrist positions under an ‘edgy’ guise. Despite this, Musk’s name still routinely dominates Twitter discourse in a fashion similar to Joe Rogan’s.


Musk Fan: “Why can’t Elon Musk be the President in America? I don’t care that he wasn’t born or raised here; that latest meme he shared REALLY pissed off the libs!”

Musk Hater: “Elon Musk wants to save Free Speech on Twitter?? More like he wants to embolden literal Nazis by not stopping hate speech.”

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