Worst Tweet of 2021: SEMIFINAL Round Voting

Round TWO of the “Worst Blue Check Tweet of 2021” Tournament has officially arrived! After a months-long process that included a brand-new voting system on the site, we have narrowed down the field to only 16 tweets! Take a look at the SEMIFINALISTS right below:

The “Semifinals” for this Tournament will last until on December 31st (at 11:59pm EST), with the TOP 4 vote-getters advancing to the Championship round. For those who need a quick refresher on the rules, read the list right below (this was taken from the Qualifying Round Page, so submissions are no longer being accepted).

  1. Tweets MUST be from a Twitter user with a Blue Checkmark. “Replies” to a given Tweet ARE eligible for the competition, but they CAN NOT include any other tweets that may have been included in the thread. Quite simply, replies should be able to stand on their own for consideration.
  2. Deleted Tweets ARE allowed to be submitted. If you are sharing an image of the tweet, it would be helpful if the “This Tweet has been deleted” message was included.
  3. Tweets with images included ARE allowed to be submitted. Those that include videos ARE allowed as well, but it must be able to stand on its own without the video.
  4. If some amount of context is needed on a Tweet, it can be provided but must be BRIEF. You will see some examples of this below.
  5. Tweets must be relatively ORIGINAL in order to be considered. If it’s something that’s cliché or a tweeted commonly by others, it will not count.

Best of luck to our semifinalists as they look to advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP Round in our inaugural “Worst Blue Check Tweet of 2021” Tournament! We look forward to a great competition ahead!

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