Icon Legend

A series that commemorates the Blue Checks of yesterday who were unfortunately suspended. Card features a user who recently received their coveted Blue Checkmark from Twitter (at time of card's creation). Cards with this badge feature those who we refer to as 'Anonymous Blue Checks': those who have obtained 'verified' status but are completely unknown to the public. Cards with this badge feature users who are NOT CURRENTLY in possession of a blue check (at time of creation), but will surely receive on in the near future. Cards with this badge feature users and a famous 'ratio' that they found themselves receiving at one point in time. A badge that is exclusively for places found on the BCU Campus. A badge honoring a particular moment in time where a user decided to 'deactivate' their Twitter dot com account. A badge honoring those who were responsible for the "Buck Breaking" movie masterpiece. Cards with this badge feature prominent Blue Checks and their tweets that were eventually DELETED due to public outcry.

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