Blue Check Moment of the Week #3

It’s time to crown BlueCheckU’s latest “Blue Check Moment of the Week”, which would be our 3rd official winner since inception of the feature!  This week’s winner is well-known among Twitter dot com, while being completely unknown to those who aren’t active on the site.  A PERFECT example of what a Blue Checkmark on Twitter represents, Amy Siskind is no stranger to having tweets featured throughout the site!  This past week  however, found Amy engaging with other users whom she disagrees with politically; something she doesn’t often do relative to others possessing the prestigious Blue Checkmark.  Let’s see what Amy had to say this time, shall we?

The first tweet (left) came as a result of the collage next to it (middle). When asked about this hypocrisy, Amy responded accordingly (right).

To provide some context to those out-of-the-loop, “DefiantL’s” is a large account that became popular due to collages that pointed out the hypocrisy of “BrooklynDad Defiant”.  While you can probably surmise some of the political leanings of the creator, the account itself doesn’t state these explicitly.   He simply points out contradictions and bad takes of large accounts and posts collages with the evidence.  This is what makes Amy’s ramblings even better, as the account she accuses of posting “disinformation” simply shared the contradictory tweets she herself wrote.  In a sense, Amy is kind of correct about the account sharing disinformation.  She failed to mention that the source of the disinformation was herself. 

Congratulations to Amy for being responsible for the Blue Check Moment of the Week!

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