February 2021 Check-in (Part One)

Hello to the wonderful supporters of Blue Check University! This is your President with a lengthy post that documents the first month+ of 2021! A LOT has been going on in the world of Blue Checkmark Twitter and we have tried our BEST to provide an update that summarizes the happenings thus far. Before we begin, be sure to check out the stories we devoted individual posts to, as we didn’t want to bore you with redundancies here.

Robinhood Fails, Billionaire Fury, and The Cow’s Rage Quit

We’ve already written about and documented each of these happenings, so no need to reiterate what happened. In case you missed any of the posts pertaining to these topics, you can just follow the links below:

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“January 6th Check-in”

Time Magazine Goes “Mask-off”

Time Magazine surely stirred the pot with a piece they wrote regarding the 2020 Election. Not even a month into the new administration had passed before they dropped this gem into the Twittersphere.

With large amounts of quote tweets and replies questioning the premise of the article, everyone’s FAVORITE line was contained in this particular passage:

Not “rigging” but “fortifying”. This became an instant meme across Twitter and was mocked endlessly. Rightfully so too, as both “sides” of the 2020 Election should find fault with Time for publishing such a piece. On the “Trump” side of the coin, this article just about confirmed everything they were mocked for weeks prior. The “Biden” side of the coin, this article is highly divisive toward the core message of the “unity” message he has been driving home. Many believe that Time published this to intentionally forge a divide between the two sides; reeling in page views and garnering attention in the process.

It’s hard to have “nice things” in a country when a major news outlet like Time is blatantly forging a divide; but that’s where we find ourselves in 2021!

AOC Gets Caught in a Lie

Famed New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself in some hot water, as a fabricated story involving her presence during the “Capitol Riots” came into question. The tweet that seemingly began the whole debacle was from a familiar face: one Jack Posobiec, or as we like to call him, “Jack Zio-biec”.

Of course, AOC was not going to go down without a fight……or at least a harsh rebuttal at what Zio-biec had posted.

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t give much attention towards this “slap fight” that was centered along clear partisan lines. To us watching from afar, this is what the “beef” looked like:

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long until outside entities decided to involve themselves in a story that was relatively insignificant. The one we are going to focus on is EVERYONE’s favorite fact-checking rag: Snopes.com.

For those unaware, Snopes has a tendency to deceive, fabricate, and mislead readers who think they are viewing a balanced and non-partisan “fact check”. Few instances of their “fact checks” are as egregious as this example, however.

Unfortunately for AOC, stating she was “in the Capitol Complex” turned out to be false. Snopes goes as far as admitting this fact, despite deeming the claim “mostly false”. Tunnels were also ignored by said rioters, implying that her rebuttal to “Zio-biec” was erroneous as well. While nobody will question the validity of her fear in that moment in time, it wasn’t exactly necessary for her to go on the offensive against such a disprovable statement. The more concerning thing here, of course, is the large amount of media outlets that came to her defense when she was verifiably wrong. The icing on the cake to this story comes in the form of an email sent to her supporters:


Contrary to what many will have you believe, AOC has a lot of ideas that her “right wing” counterparts would find agreeable. Most people really didn’t care THAT MUCH about the lie in the first place; especially considering the likes of Zio-biec, Mike “Cerno-bitch”, and Charlie Kirk are equally as likeable/unlikeable. Calling for mass reports of those who held you accountable for an erroneous statement, though? Completely inexcusable. Chalk this up as a non-story that was escalated by a young woman who clearly received poor PR advice. Just for fun, it also doesn’t help when this tweet is circulating across Twitter….


Dr. Fauci and His ‘Research’

The theme of 2021 on Blue Check Twitter so far, if we had to pick just one, HAS to be the outright bizarre and eclectic nature of many of the tweets and threads. This one is no exception to that, as famed “LGTBQ” news outlet “Pink News” (yes, the outlet that routinely enables pedophilia) received word of some “research” Dr. Anthony Fauci had undertaken in the ’80’s.

You read that right. He visited “gay saunas” to study the “spread of AIDS”. The replies and quote tweets did not disappoint and consisted of almost entirely snark and rhetorical questioning. With that being said, it is possible that he was conducting actual “research”. A bold approach like this is emulated by the great Officer Harrison Yates of South Park PD:

The Lincoln Project Runs Into Trouble

If you’re on Twitter in any capacity, we can guarantee that you’ve seen a video, tweet, or meme from The Lincoln Project. Operating as a group of “anti-Trump” Republicans who actively worked to flip their counterparts to the “Democratic” side of the aisle, many accusations of “grifting” and shady operations had been tossed their way since the election had ended. One thing that you can say definitively is that, despite their best efforts, their mission was an abject failure.

We know. It’s hard to believe that a group of Neo-Conservative war-mongers would partake in such a large scale grift operation. Regardless of the negativity they’ve been receiving, they continue to insist that their work played a tangible role in flipping the election. Even funnier is the fact that they were caught stealing memes and tweets from individuals without giving credit:


All was not well for the Lincoln Party in the time after the election and leading up to the end of January. Through it all, they hoped this “rough patch” would subside and people would continue to fund their grift operation. That was until things REALLY escalated.

OUCH! This was NOT what the Lincoln Project needed at a time where public opinion of them is so low. Quickly, they released a “statement” absolving them from knowledge that a co-founder was a serial pedophile.

Many Blue Checkmarks instantly denied the facts in the statement, insisting that they WERE indeed aware of past allegations against John Weaver.


There are many other tweets that echo a common theme of “Lincoln Project Knew”. As it stood, nothing had fundamentally changed within their day-to-day operations after dropping their denial statement. Then, it got even worse for them.

Many of the Lincoln Project “fans” were quick to degrade the woman, using lines like “I didn’t even know who Jennifer Horn was!!” to diminish the severity of the situation. The irony being that Jennifer Horn was probably the most esteemed member of the bunch; serving as the first woman head of the Republican Party in the state of New Hampshire. Regardless, LP had ANOTHER nightmare on their hands and it needed to be addressed in the form of an insincere “statement”. Their approach this time around differed from before.

Sidestepping John Weaver allegations as a reason for her departure, The Lincoln Project decided to disclose her specific financial requests and release it publicly to their horde of Boomer followers. In an act that Human Resource Departments would simply LOVE, private details were made public and the other co-founders went on the offensive against her.

It only gets better when you consider how much the OTHER founders were making!

Over the past few days, it has been fairly quiet as far as “news” on the entire debacle is concerned. This Blue Checkmark perhaps said it best, which is what we will leave it at for this post:

Amy Siskind Lies and Deletes Tweets

It’s hard to think of a Blue Checkmark who spews more toxicity and hate while abusing her platform like Amy Siskind. Literally everything about this wretch of a woman is awful and it starts with her profile picture:

Amy’s profile picture subtracts anywhere from 10-30 years from how she actually looks, depending on who you ask. The ONLY other Blue Checkmark I can think of who “finesses” his followers as badly as this is Yashar Ali, who does this with his “weight” instead.

Point being, Amy DOES NOT resemble her profile picture in the slightest. That alone should make you think twice about listening to a word she says. Once you begin reading her god awful tweets, it doesn’t take long to see how awful she truly is. Take a look at some of the inciteful tweets she has posted with NO RECOURSE beyond deleting them herself:


Amy picks and chooses her “Twitter Battles”, with “Andy Ngo” being the recent target of her nonsensical ramblings. Mind you, Andy Ngo is a gay, Vietnamese journalist who is a political “moderate”. His claim to fame is exposing “Antifa Riots” first hand when NO Mainstream outlets would do so. He is not “right wing” by any stretch of the imagination, despite Amy’s insistence otherwise. Regardless of facts, Amy decided to continue her online crusade of this man.

Amy’s latest dubious claim is jam packed with lies and misinformation. While falsely claiming that Andy wrote a story about her (it was someone else at his site who wrote about her inciting tweet 7 months ago), Amy claimed that she received “hate mail” in the form of a rainbow with a swastika. The letter was clearly concocted by her and was not reported to law enforcement, but that didn’t stop her attempts to slander the Andy over numerous false premises that had been corrected by others. As if this wretch couldn’t stoop any lower than she already had, Amy then had the audacity to post this email she supposedly received:


This one was so egregious that she quickly took it down upon receiving backlash. As a way to save face, Amy has left us with this most recent update on the matter:

When people wonder why America is “so divided” from afar, they generally are unaware of the levels these people; both “left” and “right”, will go to foment division. Amy Siskind is shameless in her attempts to do so and is never held accountable for her blatantly incendiary actions. While we are often sarcastic, facetious, and troll people here at BCU, we want everyone to get along above all. By shining a light on these divisive cretins, we hope others can see just how (to borrow a Blue Checkmark’s FAVORITE word) PROBLEMATIC Twitter’s verified users can truly be.


Since this post was FAR lengthier than we originally anticipated, we will have ANOTHER one in the coming days that will document the rest of the madness seen on Blue Checkmark Twitter early in 2021! We haven’t even gotten to the ratios, Super Bowl, and other tweets that will make you chuckle. For now, we hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day/night. The more we raise awareness of the divisive nature of our “verified” friends on Twitter dot com, the more we can realize that we get along A LOT more than we realize. Before you go, here’s ONE LAST Blue Check tweet that truly epitomizes what it means be a “verified” user:

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