Twitter RATIO WATCH: Tariq Nasheed

Race-hustling on Twitter dot com is a lucrative-enough industry for several Blue Checkmarks to profit off of it. We talked a while back about one Ibram “X” Kendi, the man who scored below a 1,000 on his SAT on his path to becoming a best-selling author. Today, we feature a man who takes a much different approach to the idea of “race-baiting”: Tariq Nasheed.

While Ibram “X” Kendi masquerades as an “academic” of sorts, Tariq Nasheed simply puts his whole persona out there. The self-proclaimed “#1 Race Baiter” in the world is far more active on Twitter and involves himself in a new argument seemingly every day. Despite having over 263k followers, nobody ACTUALLY has heard of the guy outside of Twitter. So what did Tariq do today that caught the attention of thousands??

The Tweet

The tweet contained a video clip that we obviously will not be sharing, but included a front desk clerk who was simply doing his job. After a mistake in the company’s reservation system, the man filming the video was not happy whatsoever. While he has a right to be unhappy with the glitch or error in the system, his actions in the rest of the video were quite unnecessary. The result of this “scolding” was what Tariq calls a “nervous breakdown” in the tweet. While doxing a guy and making fun at a potential mental illness or condition, Tariq also adds a racial component to the matter at hand. As you could imagine, the replies and Quote Tweets were NOT pleased with Tariq’s latest stunt.

Blue Checkmarks on both sides of the proverbial political “aisle” were critical of the Tweet, along with people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Simply put, EVERYONE felt that this was a terrible tweet. When some began to point out the fact that a mental condition may have been at play, Tariq got quite defensive.

We don’t know the validity of the information in the last Tweet, but apparently Tariq seems to. The situation is messed up BEFORE you factor in any sort of mental illness or condition. Factor that in and you could only imagine how hard it has been for the guy. Does Tariq care about the mental well-being of an individual simply doing his job? Of course not, he simply cares about the engagement on his tweet to promote his book and new film.

Tariq’s “Victory Lap”

Despite the tweet receiving overwhelmingly negative feedback and a ratio in the process, Tariq could have taken time to reflect on his actions. What did he do instead?

He instead doubles-down on his actions, claiming that the people complaining were “white supremacists”. The reality of the situation was that EVERYONE was calling him out, with Tariq insisting on playing the “victim” instead of taking responsibility for his tweet. If he was sincere about his takes on “systemic white supremacy” playing a role in today’s society, his actions and tweets just about negate each of those arguments. To those who wouldn’t know any better, it would appear as though his “race-baiting” is merely a grift so he can profit off of social division.

Oh…..well there it is. Usually Blue Checkmarks aren’t as candid as Tariq is, so you have to appreciate the honesty to some degree. Beyond that, this reply doesn’t exactly put him in a good light. But he’s the “#1 Race Baiter” in the world, so what do we know? When 24 hours have passed, we can officially add the tweets that qualify to our Twitter Ratio Rankings.

Some Final Thoughts

Off the top of my head, it’s hard to recall a Blue Checkmark tweeting something as maliciously as this video was. One tweet that does come to mind, however, was the sage involving David Leavitt and his pursuit of an electric toothbrush for the price of a penny. If you recall, David essentially harassed a Target manager because of a mistake found in one of the aisles that erroneously priced an item. The legend of “Target Tori” was soon born, as people rallied in support of her and mocked the guy who shared her picture with the internet. A “GoFundMe” was quickly created for her, allowing her to take a vacation amid all of the nonsense she dealt with.

While we personally do not know the individual involved in the video shared by Tariq, a “GoFundMe” created by someone who does would be quite beneficial for the guy. We aren’t a big site with a big audience by any stretch, but would GLADLY spread the word of it on here and on Twitter. Not only would it be nice for him financially, it would also be a gesture to him that the internet supports him and has his back. If we receive word of something of the sort, we will update the post accordingly. Nobody should EVER have to deal with a Blue Checkmark doxing and slandering an individual for simply doing their job!

On that note, Tariq gives us one last reminder that we have about this site in general. While we do enjoy making jokes and poking fun at the Blue Checks, the primary reason this site was created was to show the “outside world” the happenings on Twitter dot com that they otherwise would never hear about. With yet another Blue Checkmark blatantly abusing their platform and status, it also serves as another reminder of why we exist. While it’s quite sad that grown adults can not be entrusted with a blue checkmark without causing some type of rift, it’s encouraging to see the multitude of Twitter communities speaking out against them.

Disagreements on Twitter will continue to happen among people. That’s what makes Twitter, Twitter! Putting those aside, if only for a few moments, was surely a welcome site to see.

Have a great evening, morning, afternoon, or whatever time of day you are at right now, everyone!

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