Twitter RATIO WATCH: Dr. Ibram “X” Kendi

Good afternoon/evening to everyone who happens to stumble upon this post! This is your President, with an update on a “Ratio” that occurred recently and deserves to have a brief light shined on it! We also have some news that will be posted a bit later, with regards to the “Twitter Ratio Rankings”, so be sure to keep checking-in so you don’t miss anything! Let’s get on with the topic of this post, however.

Introducing Dr. Ibram “X” Kendi

For those who maybe aren’t on Twitter or are unaware of the names + faces in “Blackademia”, Dr. Ibram “X” Kendi is DEFINITELY among the most notable. Known for his “grind” in the field of “Race Hustling”, Dr. Kendi has ‘authored’ (or had others help him ‘author’) several books and routinely gives speeches at a variety of locations and institutions. Dr. Kendi has been doubted at every step of the way; including by his OWN PARENTS!

With a sub 3.0 GPA and an SAT score that barely reached 1,000 (very bad, for those who aren’t American), Dr. Kendi ended up attending Florida A&M University, a historically black university in the state of Florida. From there, he obtained the necessary “education” to become one of the most divisive authors in the market; writing books that include:

Dr. Kendi is routinely featured on networks, as a guest speaker, and in other echo chambers where his rhetoric is accepted or simply unquestioned. As of July, 2020, he accepted a position as “director of the Center for Antiracist Research” at Boston University. This “race hustler” has come a long way in his short career, climbing the ladder in “Blackademia” in a manner that few are able to in a LIFETIME.

Dr. Kendi and the “Kafka Trap”

Given Dr. Kendi’s prestige, his followers, and Twitter ‘algorithms’ that generally shield his tweets from dissent, you’ll hardly see him featured in “Ratio Watch’s” like this. However sometimes, even Dr. Kendi can be the subject of a “Twitter Ratio”.

Tweeting something that SOUNDED noble in his head, Dr. Kendi found this tweet receiving a large amount of “Quote Retweets” and otherwise-negative replies.

In case you were wondering what tweet he was referencing in his own “Quote Tweet”, it just so happened to be this ‘gem’ that was deleted by the group not long after:

If you recall a while back, after Twitter slightly changed how these tweets were displayed, we announced our OWN changes for how a ‘ratio’ would be calculated. With this knowledge in mind, you can clearly see that Dr. Kendi was receiving quite a bit of backlash. Many in the replies correctly and quickly pointed out the fallacy in the good Dr.’s logic: the famed “Kafka Trap”.

Dr. Kendi’s logic essentially ‘trapped’ people into admitting they were ‘racist’ regardless of their answer. Was it an intentional maneuver from a famous ‘race hustler’? Or was it simply the ramblings of someone who barely scored ‘1,000’ on their SAT? We may never know the answer to this, but we DO know that Dr. Kendi has earned a spot on our ‘Twitter Ratio Rankings’. As we continue to re-work the list and update it for accuracy, we can assure you that he will make an appearance SOMEWHERE. Stay tuned as that update is finalized! Before we leave you for today, we would like to share some WISDOM that Dr. Ibram Kendi brings to the table:

Have a GREAT day everyone!!

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