The Curious Case of “Dr. Jialun”

Blue Check University was a project created to help ‘shine a light’ to the outside world about the happenings and nonsense associated with the “verified” users on Twitter dot com. Quite simply, it became increasingly apparent that Twitter was giving the coveted “Blue Checkmark” to literally anyone who helped push a shitty narrative or was outright “controlled opposition”. We’ve highlighted many examples throughout the existence of this site, with ALL sides of the outdated “political spectrum” being represented. We try our best to remain impartial to “parties” in American politics, as the broken system continues to cause the societal division we see before us. Today’s example, however, is among the FUNNIEST and WORST ones of just how low Twitter has stooped with “verifying” users.

Introducing “Dr. Jialun”

Before showing the tweets, let’s introduce the subject of this particular post: “Dr. Jialun”.

An all-in-one combination of a “medical doctor”, “molecular biologist”, and “computer scientist”, Dr. Jialun comes across as an impressive individual. Seemingly able to complete Med. School, a computer science degree, AND molecular biology degree before the age of 30, he MUST be a trusted source on anything he speaks about. Also take note of that follower count of ’86’, which has since increased since the screenshot was taken.

Sarcasm aside, many of you are probably wondering the same thing that we were: “How the HELL is this man ‘verified’ by Twitter”? Commissioner and many others (especially GiGi) have been able to amass that “following” on a new account in under an hour. Surely he isn’t “popular” by any stretch of the imagination. And with Dr. Jialun’s particular example, there is no “organization” or “group” that he represents; unlike many of the other “unpopular” Blue Checks who actually are in charge of SOMETHING.

Now to many, this isn’t a huge deal at all. Maybe Dr. Jialun is a “new kid on the block” and will be trying to emulate famed Blue Checkmark Dr. Eugene Gu, Md. A closer look at his tweets shows a different story.

Dr. Jialun Makes a “Mistake”

While the man doesn’t have a large collection of tweets to examine, the few that he DOES have provides a nice look into what he REALLY is. Take a look at the gem from today:

This particular ratio is ongoing and is on-pace to place in our Ratio Rankings TOP 10, so we’ll focus on the subject of the tweet for right now. He was obviously wrong about the motive and demographic of the person responsible, while providing a “spin” that not even PALMER REPORT and other biased outlets are capable of. A tweet like this reveals a sort of malice that is rarely seen on Twitter dot com, which is really saying something. Surely he apologized for the mistake, right?

Nope. Well actually, kind of, as Dr. Jialun admits he made a “misjudgment” before going on the offensive once again. He then follows up with another fallacious reply while blaming “Republicans”. There are literally millions of problems that Republicans bring to the table that can be pointed out and criticized, but this is NOWHERE CLOSE to being one of them. When other Blue Checks took to the replies to correct the doctor, this happened:

Interesting for sure, as the person in question is hardly one of the more egregious accounts on Twitter dot com. Earlier tweets of his also help tell the complete story:

Disliking Republicans isn’t exactly an unpopular stance on Twitter; especially among the “Blue Checkmarks” and after several pieces of legislation passed this week. In the case of “Dr. Jialun”, however, it’s clear that there is SOME type of “external force” at play who is “compromising” him. Some are stating it is the “CCP” (who knows honestly) while others are pointing the finger at Twitter (and Jack Dorsey himself) for the obvious verification of a “bad actor”.

No matter the case, accounts like “Dr. Jialun” are precisely why this site was created. While we could have never foreseen something THIS egregious and malicious, a clear pattern was emerging among our Blue Checkmark friends. This situation is surely NOT going to help build trust between the Twitter community and the Twitter Development team, as more and more people are beginning to see the meme that is the “Verified” user.

We will provide more updates on “Dr. Jialun” as his “ratio” surpasses the “24 hour mark” (see the updated rules HERE). Until then, enjoy your Friday evening everyone and be sure to check out the IMPRESSIVE “Dr. Jialun” for yourself!

Jack Dorsey vetting potential “verified” users…

UPDATE (4/20): Dr. Jialun is SUSPENDED

Well, it finally happened. Earlier in the month, Dr. Jialun found himself on the receiving end of a SUSPENSION after receiving much attention from the Conservative Inc. Grifters. An expected-yet-satisfying end to this saga for sure.

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