Twitter Ratio Rankings 2021 UPDATE

Good afternoon to the wonderful readers and community here at Blue Check University! This is your President with a HUGE announcement with regards to our Twitter Ratio Rankings ! We have FINALLY updated the rankings, in terms aesthetics, functionality, and eligibility to qualify in the first place. Going forward, all “ratios” added to the master list will need to have the following characteristics that we will list below. Let’s get to these new “rules”, shall we?

Twitter Ratio Rankings Rules and Regulations

1. A RATIO (for the purpose of this site) is defined as “a tweet where the replies far exceed the retweets”.

2. Tweets MUST have 1,000 REPLIES at a MINIMUM in order to qualify for the “Twitter Ratio Rankings” List.

3. QUOTE TWEETS do NOT count as a “RETWEET” for the benefit of the user. These will simply be ignored when calculating the “ratio” figure.

4. Tweets will be counted for 24 HOURS before they can officially be added to the master list. Any tweet deleted/discovered later will be added using the figures that were recorded before deletion/at time of discovery.

5. “REPLY RATIOS” can be counted as SEPARATE tweets, so long as they meet the criteria listed above.

6. Tweets that clearly call for user input, also known as “Reply Tweets”, will NOT be counted on the list. The same rule can be applied to tweets where users ask for well wishes, support, or other forms of input.

7. At this moment in time, “Favorites” will not be considered in any ranking (for a variety of reasons).

8. Tweets can be submitted (anonymously) using the form at the bottom of the page.

Notes on Rules and Changes

Most of this stuff was well-documented throughout various site posts, so it shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise for most. The ‘big’ change that was added, however, was the ‘1000 Reply’ Requirement listed at the top.

– This change was made for quite a few reasons, with the foremost being that it “watered-down” the list with unmemorable ratios. The low volume of replies and RT’s also skewed the numbers and seemingly penalized those who DID have a large amount of replies, which certainly wasn’t fair to famed ratios like the “Rothstein Ratio” and others. Lastly, it makes everything A LOT easier to keep track of, as few ratios will actually exceed the benchmark ‘1000 Replies’. Above all, we feel that this change will benefit the rankings as a whole.

To reiterate a point we made in a post a while ago, QUOTE TWEETS are not included in the ratio calculation.

– Months ago, Twitter quietly made a change to their “Retweet” figures where the quote tweets were then INCLUDED in the tally with ‘normal Retweets’. The reason we DON’T include Quote Tweets is simple. In most cases, a Quote Tweet is either bashing the tweet or drawing attention to the ongoing ratio. A ‘normal Retweet’, in our opinion, signifies SUPPORT for the tweet in question. This goes along with the idea of why we also exclude the ‘Favorites’ in our ratio calculation, as the ‘strength’ of a given tweet is better measured by the ‘Retweets’ it receives.

Last note for this update is something that we have mentioned before but is worth repeating again. Any type of “Reply Tweet” or other tweet that encourages user interaction will NOT be counted.

– This will be a judgement call more than anything, but it should be fairly obvious by reading the replies. Generally speaking, a “ratio” will encompass large amounts of “negative” replies and is in response to a “take” given by the OP. There are some that walk a fine line between the two, which will again come down to a judgement call by us.

Technical Notes

Since the first “Ratio Rankings” launched in ~2019, there has been quite a number of revisions and tech problems to go along with it. Such is life with such a large data set that includes images + other things. For this particular update however, we believe many of the past issues have been fixed; namely the “Screenshot” section that never showed the image listed.

Now, you should be able to “click” on the image in the “Screenshot” section, which will bring up a “lightbox” with the particular ratio in the row! Many images were lost, corrupted, or otherwise altered in a way that they simply aren’t available right now. These will now be clearly listed on the Rankings with an “Image Coming Soon” placeholder.

There is still one last thing that we haven’t done yet (due to switching software + learning the ropes of it), which is add numeric values to the actual chart under the “rank” section. That should hopefully be completed shortly but until then, know that each “page” of the rankings contains 20 RATIOS. The order on the table IS CORRECT as well, so the first ratio you see is going to be the ‘worst’, or “#1” on the list, and so on and so forth. This is quite a nuisance so we apologize for it, but figured the images and ratios themselves would be worth releasing regardless of the “Rank” being completed.

Crowning the “Royalty” of the Twitter Ratio

When you take a look at the updated Twitter Ratio Rankings, you should notice a pattern VERY QUICKLY. It involves CNN’s own Brian Stelter, host of ‘Reliable Sources’ on the network. Using the “Search” feature atop the rankings list and typing in his name will allow you to see this even easier. Simply put, there is NO USER ON TWITTER who comes close to Brian Stelter when it comes to receiving “Twitter Ratios”. The equivalent of Wayne Gretzky’s dominance in the NHL Record Books, it’s hard to foresee anyone passing Brian’s volume of ratios. The next closest to him includes a CNN counterpart who has A LOT of work to do: Oliver Darcy.

With that being said, we would like to take this time to commemorate Brian’s work by naming him the OFFICIAL “King of the Twitter Ratio”.

This should go without saying, but our “Prince of the Twitter Ratio” is Oliver Darcy, who is 2nd for total number of ratios on the list.

Lastly, we present the “Queen of the Twitter Ratio” to Jennifer Rubin! While she lags behind the other 2 in terms of total ratios, Jennifer is BY FAR the woman with the most ratios on our list! We will hold off on naming a “Princess” role until a clear runner-up presents themselves as worthy. Congratulations to Jennifer Rubin!

Congratulations to EACH of the 3 members of the “Twitter Ratio Royalty”! Your contributions in posting downright awful tweets has NOT gone unnoticed!


Thank you again for your patience everyone! Be sure to check out the Twitter Ratio Rankings by following the link here or by clicking on the menu above this post! If you have ANY Ratios we missed (because there are probably a lot), follow this link to our User Submissions form! Hope you all enjoy the updated list!

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