“The Cow” Rage Quits From Twitter

We were a month late to the news of the single most toxic account in Twitter History posting a self righteous rant, but its never too late to celebrate.

This account worked in cahoots with many others in attempt to publicly shame, harass, stalk, and dox individuals who had mild criticisms of a variety of issues. With over 23k followers and tweets that solely consisted of “MOOOOO”, only the “Racism WatchDog” could compete with the sophomoric nature found with this account + followers. Never before have we seen Twitter Clown one “Gimmick Account” so badly, but there never before has been an account so deserving of it.

The overwhelming negative reactions coupled with the “locked replies” only reinforces the true toxicity spewed by its so called “community”. Between shilling for Billionaires, attacking those who supported Palestine, and so much more, this account was clearly operated by someone with bad intentions or was simply compromised by a larger influence.

While it’ll DEFINITELY come back at some point, we can rejoice at its absence for the time being. Above all, we hope they enjoyed taking perhaps the biggest L in Twitter History!! LMAOOOO

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