Twitter Ratio Additions: April 2020

Good evening to everyone connected with Blue Check University from throughout the world! It’s your President here with our SECOND post in as many days…..but we HAD to share our TWITTER RATIO ADDITIONS with everyone!! We will run through the list quickly then share their respective rank in an update later today!!

1. Bedfordshire Police Shine

2. Kotaku’s Message to “History Games”

3. S.E. Cupp Experiences Delusions of Grandeur

4. Pedophile Using a Codename (MAP = ‘Minor Attracted Person’)

5. NBC News Believes the CCP

6. Julie Bindel Tries To Politicize A Joke

7. Kelly O’Donnell Goes Double Dipping

8. Huawei Pays For A Ratio

9. CCP Mouthpiece Hu Xijin’s Blatant Propaganda

BONUS: CCP Tweets Wuhan Propaganda Video; Gets Ratio’d Then Deleted:

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