BlueCheckU Summer Vacation Update: August 10th, 2020

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here on Blue Check University! We hope our students, staff, followers, alumni, and everyone else associated with out ESTEEMED University is enjoying a relaxing summer vacation! Between PEACEFUL Protests, Twitter Ratios EVERYWHERE, a Presidential Election just around the corner, and other happenings, we want to quickly give a run-through of the summer’s Twitter happenings.

No time to waste, so let’s begin.

1. Chrissy Teigen Rekt by Q Boomers

This one didn’t necessarily begin over the summer, but rather over several years of Chrissy’s Twitter account. After some solid sleuth work by a pack of ‘QAnon Boomers’ (a group who is relatively tame in comparison to others on Twitter), some of Chrissy’s old tweets were uncovered and, suffice to say, raised a few question marks.

Deleting each of the tweets above and locking her account for several days, Chrissy did what EVERYONE does in the face of an accusation that is blatantly false. She then took to preventative measures after re-opening her account:

Rest assured, Chrissy did an amazing job of defusing the situation+ensured nobody else would accuse her of such actions. Just take a look at her replies anymore…..

2. “They know, don’t they?”

3. Summer of Trends

There have been some FASCINATING ‘Trends’ that have happened on Twitter that even caught THEM by surprise. Here are just a few examples and screenshots:

The irony of the last one is that THEY were the ones who started it. We simply joined in.

4. The ‘Unofficial’ Shittiest Take of 2020 (so far)

It isn’t often that we can say this about a tweet and we have seen QUITE a lot of shit takes. This one, however, stands out above the rest as being uniquely shitty.

5. Alan Dershowitz’ Rough Summer

Alan Dershowitz, former Democrat and now-Trump adviser, has had a rough go of things over the summer. As he tries to play the “good guy” role in the whole Epstein debacle, he simultaneously tries to distance himself from the happenings. All of this while dropping absolute shit takes into the Twittersphere.

6. Angelo John Gage Glows

Angelo’s a guy you probably haven’t heard of nor should you have heard of, as he’s a relative nobody in the Twitter world who was given a Blue Checkmark. Known for ‘based’ takes that generally are more ‘tame’ than others, he was seen as someone ‘useful’ up until this week.

Then, he must’ve gotten a spanking from Handlers or was instructed to ‘flip’, as the following tweets below were tweeted and eventually DELETED by Angelo:

He listed one of the two entities in his lame sarcastic joke. What about the other?

After hours of strawman tweets, pseudo-intellectualism, and other nonsense deployed by Angelo, he decided to have a “debate” with a group he chose that represented the strawman “opposition”. Naturally, the glowing “Billy Cornpop Williams” + company were readily available to have a 4 (!!) HOUR DEBATE with Sweaty.

Like everyone who hypes up an interview on their YouTube Channel for the entirety of the day, Angelo deleted the video and gave unclear rationale as to why he did so.

If you try looking for any of these tweets, you’ll notice that Angelo wiped them clean from his profile. Completely rational behavior for a guy who is so confident in his viewpoints.

7. Teen Vogue’s Sex Article

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about TeenVogue on here and it certainly won’t be the last, as they’re back again with their attempts to indoctrinate American children. Just take a look at this one:

What could the author POSSIBLY look like???

Corinne Werder – HealHaus

Of course.

8. *Mask Off*

Look at that minefield of accounts that either blocked or went private.

9. Geert Wilders gets hacked

10. Reagan Battalion Deletes Tweet

Ok……whoever was responsible for this Tweet must not have gotten the ‘memo’. Now isn’t the time to confirm the very suspicions people have that are backed by quantifiable data. I wonder what these guys look like……

Oh wait we already do!! You literally can’t make this shit up anymore:

11. ‘Bright’ Summer

As mentioned, we are gearing up for a presidential election season here in the United States. This means that not only are Blue Checkmarks going to be insane, but as are the ‘Glowing Ones’. Make sure you wear sunglasses before gazing into some of these tweets:

12. A Manlier David Leavitt Emerges

For those who don’t recall or weren’t around on Twitter during David Leavitt’s debacle, be sure to check out our post about it here! If you do remember, then we have ANOTHER situation like David’s on our hands!!

Who exactly was the individual behind the Tweet, you may be wondering. Here’s a picture of the LOVELY Danielle Muscato….

Danielle Muscato on Twitter: "I'm a #trans woman. That means you'd ...

Being that Twitter was prepared for situations like this after David Leavitt, the ratio was prompt and a familiar face made an appearance:

13. Blue Checkmark Doesn’t Anticipate Response

14. Glenn Greenwald SEETHES

Last but not least for today is one of the best Twitter meltdowns I’ve ever seen over a single Tweet. Glenn wasn’t even tagged, but it didn’t stop him from finding this reply, defending his family’s honor, and getting the tweet DELETED by Twitter.

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