Blue Check University ‘Campus Tour’: April 2020

Good Easter Sunday to our tolerant student body, staff, and others following us throughout the world! While you may be surprised to hear such a tolerant institution wishing holiday greetings towards a religion that is bigotry in all shapes and forms, we actually WELCOME Easter celebrations at Blue Check University, so long as the place of worship is at an approved location on-campus! We will get to that later though, as there are quite a few things that we are excited to show the BCU World, along with this being our first OFFICIAL ‘Campus Tour’. Before we begin, let’s share some quick cosmetic adjustments to our ‘logos’ at BCU!!

Blue Check University ‘Coat of Arms’ + Other Logos

Quite simply, we needed to update the more ‘scholarly’ side of our Blue Check University logos; as no ELITE institution is complete without a ‘Coat of Arms’ acting as a symbol of its esteem.

BACK to the Campus Tour……

Feel free to use those logos for whatever purpose you need, BCU fans! Now we have a Campus Tour to begin!! Let’s start with the PLACE TO BE to worship EASTER at Blue Check U!!

1. Ben+Abby Shapiro “Judeo-Christian” Chapel

Christianity in and of itself is bigotry. Plain and simple.

Judeo-Christianity, on the other hand? A very ENCOURAGED religion on our Campus.

2. “Fauci School of Coronavirus Studies”

We are lucky that such a prominent expert on all things CORONAVIRUS-related, has volunteered his time to help kickstart the creation of a new program!! A grant given to us by bodies such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, and others, helped make this program possible!

3. “Cuomo School of Nepotism”

Who needs MERIT when you have family members who have either done the job or work in industries that QUESTION whether or not you do the job? The Cuomos don’t, as evidenced by the latest DNC attempt to artificially create a ‘rising star’. Just because someone is a BENEFICIARY of said Nepotism, does NOT mean it will work advantageously for them all the time!! That’s where our “School of Nepotism” will help……….with projected LOW acceptance rates compared to other programs!!

4. Paul Krugman Computer Lab

The man who acts as a ‘Cybersecurity’ and ‘Economics’ Professor at our institution was kind enough to provide a donation for our state-of-the-art COMPUTER LAB!!! Paul has taken a particular fascination with Computers ever since his ‘Ratio’ back in January. Who can ever forget the IT BRILLIANCE???

Last Thing For Now…….Our RESIDENCE HALLS!!

“Oprah+Maxwell Halls” are our NEWEST DORMITORIES at Blue Check University, providing students with a SPACIOUS living quarter at an affordable price!!

We wish we can show you more right now, but there are BIG THINGS in the works across our other sites everyone! Stay tuned across all pages as we plan on making announcements hopefully soon!! Enjoy your “Judeo-Christian” Easter everyone!!

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