Twitter Ratio Rankings Update: Cernovich Flip-Flops

Look at that ratio for Mr. Cernovich, whose days of “Subversive Gatekeeping” on the ‘Populist/Fringe Alt-Light’ finally caught up to him, as his call for a “Blue Senate” got ratio’d by ‘Republicans’ and detractors alike. How does somebody, who spends his entire LIFE on Twitter dot com, respond to the ratio?

In a way that only Cernovich can…..

See the thing is………..Cernovich doesn’t actually have REAL Followers. Those that populate his “Follows” list are merely bought/are bots, while most who interact with him are non-partisan trolls. The followers he “lost” weren’t because of “partisanship”; but rather blatant turn coating toward a side that opposes everything he has built his lame following over.

As you see above, Michael has done this before; albeit with a different (and more predictable) theme. Cernovich will claim that he was ‘trolling’ or ‘being facetious’, but we merely see it as a part of an ever-predictable pattern for our “populist” Blue Checkmarks. No matter how it’s spliced, our Twitter Ratio Rankings saw 2 entries from Michael, with the first one cracking our TOP 30!!

Because of this, we have OFFICIALLY named Mr. Cernovich an ‘Adjunct Professor’. We are so excited to have Michael in our “Jack Posobiec School of Gatekeeping”:

You did read the “second part” of his picture correctly; Mr. Cernovich will ALSO teach a course on “ECZEMA STUDIES”; which includes an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP (by US Taxpayers, of course) to the DEAD SEA, so we can experience even an OUNCE of what Michael experienced when he went!!


We are SO EXCITED; as well as impressed by the ratios, Michael!!

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