Community Notes Gallery Update: August 2023

Good evening to everyone! It’s been a while since we last posted on Blue Check U publicly, but we assure you that work was being done behind the scenes to make everything as smooth as can be. This evening’s post will not be a long one, but it’ll be loaded with the latest and greatest in the world of Twitter dot com (newly named X). More specifically, the wild world of Twitter (X) Community Notes, which has been quite the feature since being implemented in late 2022.  

Quick Updates, News, and Notes

Let’s get right into it. Before we get to the Notes, here are a few updates with regard to the site and future projects. The boring stuff.

  • While there have been MANY changes with Twitter during the Musk era, perhaps none have been bigger than the recent company rebrand of “Twitter” to “X”. Changing everything from the logo of the brand to the nomenclature for “sharing” a tweet (“retweet” to “repost”), it is certainly a huge transition to say the very least. That being said, we expect to see various ‘cosmetic’ changes to BCU in order to adjust to the times. The main logo will remain the same but the “Twitter Bird” logo we also use will get a facelift.

  • Voting for various 2023 Competitions will resume on Telegram shortly, with the addition of “Community Note of the Year” as well as others discussed and voted on in the channel. To avoid confusion and to streamline voting, we will not post anything regarding this on the site until the awards are FINALIZED. The goal is to have everything posted within a week of the New Year.

  • After months of technical difficulties and an inaccessible page, we are happy to say that the Blue Check Glossary is FINALLY up and running once again. We encourage everyone to continue submitting phrases and words. Each entry is looked at and (if chosen) uploaded at once, so stay tuned for the next update there!

Community Notes Update

Many debate on Twitter/X as to whether or not Elon Musk “saved” or “ruined” the social media platform. With opinions ranging from loving to hating the guy, there seems to be one change in particular that EVERYONE has enjoyed: Community Notes. For those who may be unfamiliar, simply put that Community Notes are:

An attempt by Twitter to create an unbiased ‘fact-checking’ system that includes people of differing viewpoints. Unlike the old COVID/other ‘Misinformation’ notifications under the old leadership, people can provide feedback about whether or not a ‘Community Note’ is helpful or not. The original tweet in question will NOT be hidden/deleted by Twitter with Community Notes, either. Community Notes fact-checks major media outlets and other prominent figures that previous leadership simply ignored; something that irritates the ‘Old Blue Checks’. Along with fact-checking, Community Notes may also provide additional context to a tweet, image, meme, etc, that gains somewhat sizable attention.”

While the earliest Community Notes were accused of “right-wing bias”, this slowly went away as prominent mainstream “conservatives” were completely embarrassed by the notes. As far as we can tell, both “sides” of the stale, political spectrum have enjoyed the addition of the feature. Certain Blue Checks who notoriously bent the truth for years, on the other hand, have not been enjoying it nearly as much. While some are certainly more ‘petty’ than others, the Community Notes do not mess around when it comes to obtaining the truth.

In what is our second ‘official’ update to the gallery and third ‘unofficial’ update, the below images are a part of what included 40+ additions to the collection. Over 100+ images have been added since our last post, which can be found by clicking the button below.

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