RATIO WATCH: Keith Olbermann and a New Number One in the Rankings?

Another edition of Ratio Watch within a week of the previous one?? It’s something that never really happens but today will be an exception, as an unforeseen Twitter ratio received by Keith Olbermann has us potentially re-writing the record books. Let’s see what’s causing all of the hullaballoo:

A bad take by Keith for sure, this one received a lot of attention compared to his usual ramblings. Just over a day after this tweet was written, these were the numbers on the ratio:

Those numbers are pretty staggering for such a tweet, so of course we had to see how it stacks compared to the rest of the list. The results?

Keith’s ratio was going to rank at #1 in our Twitter Ratio Rankings List, with our top spot changing for the first time in over 2 years! After a quick glance before updating, we noticed that replies were STILL increasing by the HUNDREDS (with RT’s increasing by a total of 1 in the same interval). That means the ratio is STILL going and will (most likely) only be increasing the lead it has over the rest of the field!

Assuming these totals hold up and aren’t changed to positively affect the ratio, Keith will be assuming the top spot on our rankings very shortly. We would like to offer our early Congratulations to Keith as well, as it is NOT an easy feat to become #1 on our rankings!

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