RATIO WATCH: Peter Schiff

It’s time for the latest “Ratio Watch” update, as Peter Schiff has caused quite a stir on Twitter dot com. All it took was one strange take about the Ukraine-Russia War to get the attention of millions.

An incredibly pedantic complaint to have about a president involved in a military conflict, Peter’s tweet received A LOT of attention and he did so very quickly. The replies to the tweet even had fellow blue checks upset and/or angry:

This strange series of replies concerning the man’s laundry didn’t help the cause either, receiving a ‘mini-ratio’ within the larger ratio underway. The most notable part about this ratio, however, is the sheer volume of replies it has received:

In 13 hours, this Tweet received a total of over 82,000 replies and would rank at number 9 on our Rankings. While we will wait until the engagement on the tweet slows down before uploading it to the list, let’s put that reply total into context. As far as the tweets on our list (we don’t measure for most replies outright), the MOST replies accrued by a user were 68,800! This tweet is going to set the new record and it isn’t going to be close.

We’re watching this one closely and will update our list when the time arrives. As one of the most popular blue checks in history would say, “We are monitoring the situation.”

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