Twitter Ratio Rankings Additions: Pi Day Edition

Good afternoon/morning to the followers, alumni, students, fans, staff, and everyone else associated with Blue Check University! This is your President with an update to our “Twitter Ratio Rankings” for the first time in months, something that we will not become a habit as we work to update this with more frequency. On this wonderful ‘Pi Day’ of 2020, let’s not waste any more time. To the ratios:

#1. Staccia’s 2019 Throwback

While this first ratio did indeed occur in September of 2019, we had never gotten around to actually uploading it to our list nor sharing it with everyone else! Many avenues to explore in this one, so we’ll keep it at that.

#2. Joe Walsh Concedes the Republican Party to Trump

In case you were unaware, Donald Trump did indeed have a few people running AGAINST HIM in the Republican Primaries for the 2020 Election. The biggest name was perhaps Joe Walsh, who attempted to juxtapose Trump by coming across as more ‘libertarian’. In his very own words, Joseph says it best:

#3. Reuters Reveals New Hampshire “Runner-up”

While the 2020 Version of Bernie Sanders is a lot different than his peak 2016 form, it’s still fairly obvious to everyone that he is not the preferred choice of the MSM and Wall Street. Take this Reuters Tweet, which was the first regarding the New Hampshire Primary results.

On a semi-related side note, I’m upset that we will not see who the NBA, NHL and NCAAB RUNNER-UP’s are; at least for a little while.

#4. Jennifer Rubin ‘Double Dips’ in Ratios

Jennifer Rubin is a fascinating case study on Twitter. She seemingly has no strong viewpoints while simultaneously crafting Tweets that seek to only divide. She’s EVERYWHERE on Twitter……but then she’s NOWHERE to be found on Twitter.

Akin to a hybrid crossover of a snapping turtle and chameleon, Jennifer finds herself on a “Verified Island” on many of her Tweets. This means that her fellow Blue Checkmarks won’t think twice before teeing-off on; in the quest for social brownie points.

#5. Sofie Hagen’s ‘Fat Celebration’

It’s actually quite amazing that Twitter dot com continuously allows accounts that Tweet such blatantly dangerous, incorrect, and unhealthy lies, to continue to possess a blue checkmark. But this is where we are and why we ratio, as Sofie’s physique is tragically grotesque and disgusting.

#6. Steve Rosenberg Loses His Appetite

Eastern Standard Time can be seen on this Ratio, as a man with a common and ‘almost-stereotypical/satirical’, Jewish, last name, is infusing his warped political-leanings with a visit to a Russian sweet shop. Why do they hate ‘Russia’ so much, anyway??

#7. ATF Houston Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

This one speaks for itself…….

#8. DNC Speaks a BIT Too Soon

It’s rare that a prediction or statement is so incorrect that its complete ‘opposite outcome’ actually takes place. This is the case with the DNC’s Ratio, as the Iowa Caucus shenanigans had MSNBC’s OWN Chris Matthews questioning the party.

#9. Ari Shaffir Puts Fandom Above All

If this was a blatant troll-job, we would be having a much different conversation. As it stands and judging by the ‘rape’ being used as a moral justification, Ari actually thought he would earn some social media brownie points from this.

#10. Richard Dawkins Meat ‘Solution’

The guy who turned millions of teenaged-religion skeptics into ‘temporary atheists’ via YouTube videos, has surely fallen in the eyes of many. “Human Steak” may be his low point.

#11. Ilhan Omar Doubles-Up + Confuses ‘Nationality’, ‘Race’, and ‘Origin’

Ilhan Omar is a part of MANY ‘high volume ratios’. This means that she has a tendency to yield a LARGE amount of RT’s and REPLIES on a given tweet. Her Twitter friends didn’t back her up on either of these Tweets, as she calls a Country’s Demonym “racist” and blatantly contradicted herself in the tweets below.

Please also note “pls rt my pinned; thank you” ‘s REPLY RATIO, which received a spanking in a manner NEVER BEFORE SEEN in the REPLIES of a Blue Checkmark Ratio.

#12. Mara Gay Gets Her Grammar Corrected

We don’t know what Mara’s “trivial math mistake” was, but the backlash was certainly enough for her to invoke an unwise allusion to “her people”. We also didn’t click on the ‘Opinion’ piece she wrote so to not give her ‘clicks’ on a clearly-divisive article, so this is all we have:

#13. David Gura Gives Much-Needed ‘FYI’

The Coronavirus did an amazing job of unveiling the large number of Blue Checkmarks who are loyal to Beijing, as the name ‘Wuhan Virus’ led to chants of ‘racist’ almost in unison.

#14. Andrew Dickson Has a Bold Plan

“Post your personal information on Twitter so we can dox you and hold you ‘accountable’………what can possibly go wrong??

#15. Robin Hanson’s ‘Bold’ Experiment

Here’s Robin proposing the deliberate spreading of the Coronavirus onto others, with a link from ‘Overcoming Bias’ as a source. They don’t even hide their hate anymore.

#16. David Schatsky’s Innovation

David deleted this Tweet, but his ratio will always remain…….

#17. Timothy Gray Blames Climate Change for the Coronavirus

In order to accurately rank Timothy on our ratio rankings, we will give everyone who yields ZERO replies an ‘automatic ONE RT’, to make calculations above zero possible. Spinning the Coronavirus ’cause’ as a mere effect of ‘Climate Change’ is next-level Controlled Opposition.

#18. Cenk Uygur ‘Fact-Checks’ the Andrew Gillum Headlines

This one still has a few hours left before it hits the necessary ’24 hours’ to be ranked, but the pacing is that of a ‘Top 50 Ratio’. Hang on for this one.

#19. Joshua Lander Proves Stereotypes Have Merit

Last but not least is Joshua; who we will keep it brief for.


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