Krassenstein Brothers

the (unofficial) first and most prominent of the Trump ‘reply guys’ whose rise to fame came between 2016 and 2019 in the form of snarky replies to each tweet written by Donald Trump. Known for their quick responses posted within 30 seconds of each Trump Tweet, the Krassenstein Brothers were huge among the ‘establishment Dems’ voting base in the time period after Trump’s inauguration.

Closely aligned with Michael Avenatti during his flirtation with a Presidential run, the duo had few other allies on Twitter. With business ventures including Justin Bieber Fan Accounts, literal Ponzi Schemes, Cryptocurrency advice, a ‘News Outlet’, Domain Flipping, and many others, the brothers routinely found themselves being mocked by BOTH supporters of the major US Political parties before both were eventually suspended in 2019 for platform manipulation.

Using the identity of one of the brother’s wives, the two managed to continue tweeting under the “Holly Krassenstein” alias before that was also suspended in 2021.

As of 2022, the Krassenstein Brothers have been attempting to grow their YouTube Channel and have actually switched the focus of the channel from Politics to Cryptocurrency.

Ex. “Jeffrey Guterman is funny, but I miss having the Krassenstein Sisters around on Twitter.”

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