2023 Blue Check Awards

Can you believe another year is in the books? It feels like just yesterday when we were unveiling the 2022 Blue Check Award Winners….but here we are again with another year’s worth of Blue Check content! In what is officially Year THREE of Blue Check U’s “Blue Check Awards”, we are going to take a quick look back at the year that was 2023, in the wild world of Twitter (or X) dot com. Note: The winners of the previous years can be found here.

This year, we decided to host 7 different Competitions, including:

– Worst (Blue Check) Tweet of 2023: an award given to the Blue Check who has crafted the WORST Tweet of the year. How our voting audience interprets “Worst” is entirely up to them, as this is the only description we provide.

– Best Community Note of 2023: an award given to the tweet which has/had the BEST “Community Note”, regardless of deletion status. Like most of these awards, the interpretation of “BEST” is entirely up to the voters

– Jonathan Greenblatt Blue Check of the Year 2023: an award given to the user who BEST represents what a modern Blue Checkmark is on Twitter/X. The award of course named after the winner of the first two Blue Check of the Years, who was NOT be included in voting for this due to his success.

– “Current Thing” of 2023: an award given to the topic, trend, or otherwise noteworthy event, that gets people talking on Twitter dot com. Open to voter interpretation once again, the award essentially seeks to find the topic that elicited the best/worst/funniest tweets of 2023.

– Best Poll/Poll Fail of 2023: an award whose verbiage was a bit clunky, where we seek to find the TOP poll of the year. Because it was marketed as both “Best Poll” and “Poll Fail”, we included both for this year.

– Grifter of the Year 2023: an award given to the Blue Check user who most effectively uses their platform to grift off other users. How one defines “grift” is also up to the voter.

– Smollett Award 2023 (fake/didn’t happen moment of 2023): given to a tweet that was popular and/or gained a lot of traction, only to be 100% fake or embellished.

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