Blue Check Tweet Gallery: 2022 Supreme Court Reactions

Blue Checks are angry on Twitter dot com. There’s a sentence you’ve never heard before.

Jokes aside, our original point does remain. Blue Checkmark users on Twitter dot com are indeed upset about recent Supreme Court decisions. Note the use of the plural, as there have been several high-profile decisions that have recently been announced amid months of rumors and conjecture. While a large majority of these reactions have been negative, those who support the decisions have had their fair share of awful takes themselves. Generally speaking, those who are against a given decision/action will be MORE VOCAL than those who support it, which explains the large number of negative takes you’ll see below. And as always, we do our darndest to avoid taking political sides and expressing viewpoints. We simply share any and all Blue Check takes surrounding a given issue or topic.

As usual, this will be something we update as more tweets are seen and/or submitted. Between Telegram and the forms below each page, everyone has been GREAT with submitting tweets. Please keep it up, as your help means the world to us! And of course, feel free to use, steal, copy, etc. with the pics in the gallery. The “Download” directly button above the gallery can be used to generate a .ZIP file with over 100+ Blue Check tweets!

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