Blue Check Tweets Gallery: 2022 Pride

The month of June has become a favorite of Blue Checkmarks across Twitter recently. Between the beginning of summer, Father’s Day, the NBA Finals + other sports, the recent creation of “Juneteenth” and other events, there’s a lot to be discussed on Twitter dot com. In recent years, however, a new topic has dominated discussion and discourse among artists, athletes, politicians/political pundits, and corporations especially: Pride Month.

While there are certainly opinions that range widely on the topic, you generally won’t see a ton of “debate” between the sides. As far as this month is concerned, the real “star” blue checks aren’t even actual people, but rather corporations and other private companies. While we avoid “siding” with anything on any issue we post about, we do enjoy laughing at blue checkmarks. And in this instance, the insanely transparent attempt by corporations to pander to audiences via Pride Month gimmicks is something all groups are laughing at.

The gallery below will contain as many Pride Month-related tweets as possible, updated a few times per week with new additions we make. The vast majority of these images will be these aforementioned corporations and their hilarious messages, but all other sorts of opinions will be included as well. Be sure to check back frequently for new updates!

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