Twitter Ratio Rankings Update: 4/20 Edition

It’s been a while since we updated our Twitter Ratio Rankings, so why not give a quick run-through of our latest additions to the list? On this date of 4/20 no less, let’s see how high some of our ratios can place on our official rankings.

Dr. Sharon Malone

Hey look, it’s yet ANOTHER Blue Check Doctor! We’ve seen tons of those since the onset of COVID-19, haven’t we?

Rank: 100

Roland Martin

Lately, the Blue Checks have been posting about masks a lot for some reason. Like Roland, many are sharing selfies to show their support for masking. Unlike Roland, most are avoiding big ratios.

Rank: 51


PETA hasn’t been a serious organization for a long time and their Twitter activity reflects this. One of their go-to tweets is something that you’ll see throughout Twitter: Repetition. Usually, the statements being repeated are either shortsighted, vague, or controversial.

Rank: 101

David Leavitt

The notorious toothbrush shopper David Leavitt always seems to resurface with a controversial take of some type. This one is certainly no exception.

Rank: 98

RT Hon Grant Shapps MP

Admittedly, we know nothing about this guy or what exactly he’s referring to. But clearly his countrymen were displeased, as the ratio never lies…

Rank: 79

Raul Caporal

Nothing too crazy going on here, but weirdly enough, Raul finds himself on the receiving end of the WORST Twitter Ratio of any entries discussed today! Not an easy thing to accomplish at all!

Rank: 23 (!)

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