2021 End-of-the-Year Tournament CHAMPIONS

It’s been a while since we updated the 2021 Competitions, but we FINALLY have some winners to announce. Because it was year one of us doing this, we made a few errors along the way that impacted some of the voting in our opinion. Thus, we have decided to crown winners by totaling the votes they received in each round. We also removed a competition that was a bit vague, that being the Politician of the Year. So let’s quickly run through the Champions and turn the page to 2022, which will be MUCH better than our inaugural year of doing this.

2021 Blue Check of the Year

2021 WORST (Blue Check) Tweet of the Year

ORGANIZATION of the Year 2021

BRAND of the Year 2021

Thank you to those who have participated throughout the year and Congratulations to our champions! We will be sharing a post that contains a form for submissions for 2022, which will have more competitions that will be run much better than they were this year! Be sure to submit your nominations for 2022 Tournaments HERE!

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