Blue Check of the Year 2021: SEMIFINAL Round Voting

Round one is over, so it’s time for us to begin ROUND 2 of the Blue Check of the Year 2021 Competition! Rules can be found in this link, but essentially you are voting based on which choice(s) YOU believe best represent what it means to be a “Blue Check Twitter user”. How you interpret this is completely up to you!

Voting for the semifinals will end promptly at 12 am on DECEMBER 1st, so be sure to vote early and often for your choice! Be sure to vote in our other tournaments and competitions HERE! Sharing this or any of our links would help tremendously as well!

With all of that being said, GOOD LUCK to the competitors who made it to round 2! Only 4(!) will advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND! (Note: click on the checkmark in each box to cast your vote).

[fv id=6 theme=hermes fv_countdown contest_id=6 count_to=voting]

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