“Organization of the Year” 2021 Voting

It’s time to introduce ANOTHER competition for the year of 2021! This one involves blue check “Organizations” found on Twitter dot com and other similar foundations. There aren’t too many rules associated with this one, but let’s quickly run through the list:

1. An “organization” for the purpose of this competition will be loosely defined, including non-profit organizations, political PAC’s and Super PAC’s, charities, politically-affiliated groups, etc. The net is fairly wide, as you can see from the choices below.

2. We will NOT be including anything directly funded by a government entity (where most funding comes from). These will all be funded from outside groups or individuals.

3. Your vote(s) should reflect the “Org” that BEST REPRESENTS what it means to possess a blue checkmark on Twitter. From there, it’s up to you as to how to interpret that.

4. There will be NO “QUALIFYING ROUND” for this one, as the vote will go straight until 11:59 on December 31st! The “Org” with the most votes will be the champion!

5. As always, feel free too submit your nominees using the form below! If we feel as though the submission deserves a chance to compete in the vote, we will include it as soon as possible! Also feel free to utilize the comments below to nominate an “Org” (guest comments with no profile needed).

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