BCU Department Spotlight #1: Talentless Grifting

Blue Check U is an esteemed institution that prides itself on tolerance, social acceptability, and conformity. The cliché saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is used ad nauseum, but maybe because it’s applicable to endless situations. Blue Check U is no different, as our reputation wasn’t created overnight. It took a commitment by our students, community, donors, and above all, the Blue Checkmarks themselves! To honor a select group of Blue Check “Instructors” who help make BCU what it is today, we have decided to begin our inaugural “BCU Department Spotlight”. These posts will honor a group of Blue Check “instructors” within a particular “department” here at BCU. It’s a small gesture, but it’s the LEAST we can do with such a phenomenal group of Blue Checkmarks.

The first “BCU Department Spotlight” will honor the ESTEEMED Blue Checks who help make up the “Talentless Grifting” department.

What is the “Talentless Grifting” Department?

Making large amounts of money via social media and other lucrative opportunities certainly isn’t an easy task, otherwise everyone would do it! Making large amounts of money via social media is ESPECIALLY difficult when the individual is devoid of any sort of talent whatsoever. To bridge this gap between “lack of talent” and “making money”, we have the “Talentless Grifting” Department and Major offered at Blue Check U. As you can see below, we are fortunate enough to have the best of the best in this field. Let’s learn a bit more about these amazing individuals.

Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein is a YouTuber who has been around the block, to say the very least. Running several channels and podcasts with his wife (who played the role of “Emperor Cuzco” in “The Emperor’s New Groove”), Ethan has gained a sizeable amount of fame. Much like Stephen Colbert, Ethan is a great example of how modern comedy isn’t SUPPOSED to be funny. What Ethan lacks in talent is made up for by his dedication to the “grift”. While nobody has ever met a fan of his work in real life nor on the internet (outside of his subreddit), Ethan and his wife manage to make the BIG BUCKS!

Hasan Piker

Hasan Piker is a streamer whose political viewpoints and commitment to social justice would bring a tear to Karl Marx’s eyes. Propped up by his Uncle, Cenk Uygur, Hasan has gained a large following by championing the poor and downtrodden. A true self-made man who understands the plight of the proletariat better than most out there, Hasan is perhaps MOST impressive in his conformity to the status quo. With views supported by the majority of the political establishment class and MSM conglomerates alike, he’s truly following in Marx’s footsteps. This was most evident a few months back, when Hasan purchased a multi million dollar mansion partially funded by the donations of his followers. Talk about a working class hero.

Bill “Boomer” Mitchell

Bill Mitchell is a stereotypical Trump-supporting Boomer who hosts a political talk show for his fellow “MAGA Boomers” alike. With a strong disdain for “liberals” and “Democrats”, Bill finds himself aligning with Trump on mostly every topical issue. A huge supporter of “red flag laws”, Bill isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Having been suspended on Twitter and Facebook for several “anti-mask” tirades, “Boomer Bill” has found new a home on Gab. Much like Ethan Klein, it’s hard to recall a time where anyone has met a “Bill Mitchell fan”. Despite this, Bill continues riding the proverbial “gravy train” by somehow making money with his show.

The Krassenstein Sisters

The original “Reply Guys” themselves, The Krassenstein’s are a well-known entity for those who frequented Twitter between 2017-2019. Posting replies that were in opposition to anything tweeted by Trump, these two were ALWAYS the first reply under a given tweet of Donny’s. Running a “news” site of their own that simply paraphrases the reporting done by actual journalists, the dynamic duo have an ability to “grift” unlike anyone we’ve seen before. With past business ventures that included a “Justin Bieber fan account”, a series of “ponzi schemes” that were busted by the feds, a highly respected political podcast, and an anti-Trump children’s book marketed to adults, these two are living proof that “talent” isn’t necessary in the world of grifting! After getting suspended from Twitter in 2019, the brothers decided to try a NEW business venture: a podcast about Cryptocurrency!

Ibram “X” Kendi

Ibram “X” Kendi is a rising star in the world of race-based grifting. Featured in a post of ours a while back, Dr. Kendi is the author of several books that discuss race and social justice issues. With an SAT score that barely reached 1,000 and a willingness to align himself with the views of the establishment political class, Dr. Kendi is a prime example of how overrated “talent” is in the modern day. Known for his patented “Kafka Traps” on Twitter and other platforms, Dr. Kendi’s “grift game” is unrivaled among his peers. Except of course, our last “instructor” ……

Shaun “Talcum X” King

…..Shaun “Talcum X” King! A trailblazer in the field of social justice grifting, “Talcum X” is as good as it gets. Despite having two White parents and a sibling, “Talcum X” refuses to acknowledge the fact that he is indeed a White man. His commitment to his newfound identity was so strong, he even went ahead and revived the paper of one Frederick Douglass. With purchases of luxurious homes in expensive areas, Shaun is yet ANOTHER example of how grifting without talent is done! He recently deactivated his Twitter account and took a break from the very thing that made him so popular, but you can be rest assured that he will be back and better than ever with an opportunity to make a quick buck!

Well there you have it. The “Talentless Grifting” Department is an impressive bunch for sure! Stay tuned for the next edition of our “Department Spotlight” and be sure to spread the word of our wonderful institution! Enjoy the rest of your day/evening everyone!

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