BCU Tweets Gallery: June 2021

We’re back with another edition of our “BCU Tweets” gallery, which is our NEW way of uploading Blue Check Twitter Moments in a format that is more organized and readable. The past two editions, “Easter Weekend” and “May 2021“, can be found by clicking on the links just listed.

As far as this particular update is concerned, the tweets contained cover a variety of topics. Two BIG ones stand out above the rest, however: PRIDE Month beginning and George Floyd (1 year since the incident). Regardless of your opinion on either topic, you will certainly notice a pattern with the tweets in this update. The idea of multi-million dollar “Brands” getting involved in such issues is not only ironic, but hilariously forced. Above all, it’s quite strange for these companies to share such ideas that have NOTHING to do with their company. We’ll put together a “BRANDS” Gallery at the end of the month as well. Remember, we are only 9 days into the month!

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