TEBOW TIME: Blue Checks Respond

It’s Tuesday evening on Twitter dot com, so you know what that means? Yes, the wonderful world of verified Twitter is once again ANGRY at the recent news in the world of sports and, to an extent, politics! What could it possibly be this time?

Ahhh, we see that a bona fide NFL scrub has made his return BACK to the NFL. A semi-controversial figure in his own right wouldn’t cause the Blue Checks to rage by himself, however. So what else happened?

Uh huh. So Blue Checks are angry at the fact that Tim Tebow “returned” to the NFL before Colin Kaepernick did? Sounds like typical Blue Check Twitter in a nutshell. Let’s talk a bit more about these ‘kneeling’ fools before getting to the tweets, shall we?

As expected, this Twitter bickering has turned into the tiresome “Left vs Right” dichotomy that we are all so used to. It’s important to note, however, that neither “side” is right about what they are saying about these guys. Both were bad NFL QB’s who receive far more attention than necessary. One side claims their preferred QB is being “blacklisted from the NFL”, while the other claims theirs’ is hated for being a “good Christian man”. These are two demonstrably false claims that are being pushed by Blue Check Twitter in hopes of causing more societal division. For those who may be unaware of the fine details regarding each player, we made this handy graphic that hopefully summarizes both situations:

Per usual with Blue Check Twitter, don’t fall for the false dichotomies and misinformation. We won’t get too much more into the backstories, but hopefully this does a decent-enough job of explaining the situation before you read the Tweets we compiled. Enjoy the gallery below, as some of these Blue Check “tears” are hilarious to read!

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