student loan forgiveness

one of the most polarizing subjects on Twitter dot com, the ‘student loan forgiveness’ debate is one that gets ALL the Blue Checks fired up. With one side pushing to forgive the entirety of the debt (despite the recent $10k forgiveness), the other side finds itself on the same team as banks and lenders, as they complain about ‘irresponsible millennials’ who they believe should be offered no relief for their crippling debt. With what ultimately comes down to “Big Banks vs College Grads”, it’s hard to not get frustrated with the current state of American politics.

Ex. “Brandon just forgave $10k worth of student loans?? DUDE why am I paying for their poor decisions??”

“$10k was a good start, but this won’t be enough. We need complete student loan forgiveness for POC students. They built America and this is the thanks they get??”

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