KiwiFarms (KF)

a long-time message board platform that has only recently (August 2022) reached a ‘mainstream’ audience, due to the supposed ‘doxing’ of Twitch streamers by site members. Similar to 4chan with how Blue Check perception doesn’t match reality, KiwiFarms has been at the center of a campaign to have their networking services ‘dropped’ by Cloudflare. Turning two blind eyes to any and all doxing of private citizens by the mainstream media and peers, Blue Checks will have issues when the culprit is an anonymous poster sharing public information of a popular figure.

Ex. “So what if I’m a millionaire Twitch streamer who shares literally every detail of my life with the public? KiwiFarms doxes marginalized people like myself each and every day and it needs to stop. #DropKiwiFarms”

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