Critical Race Theory (CRT)

an ‘intentionally-ambiguous’, ‘catch-all’ phrase used to describe race-focused teaching in primary, secondary, and other levels of education; especially prevalent in the social science courses. Those in favor of these ideas will often refer to CRT as “real” or “honest” history, seamlessly switching premises between this and outright denial of it happening.

Those against these ideas will aimlessly toss “CRT!!” accusations at anything they slightly disagree with, ignoring any explanations, corrections, or other remarks. Above all, Critical Race Theory has emerged as a valuable campaign tool for both major American political parties, rising to prominence in ~2021.


Twitter Dem: “Oh, you MAGATs dislike CRT being taught? Huh. Guess you don’t like learning real history.”

Twitter Rep: “My son’s high school asked him to fill-out demographic data in a questionnaire and they asked for his race! The Left has managed to fully incorporate CRT into schools.”

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