February 2023 Ratio Additions

It has been QUITE A LONG TIME since the last post updating our Twitter Ratio Rankings, as other happenings and events have gotten in the way. Because of this, today's update to our...

2022 Blue Check Awards and Voting Results

Yes, it is February 2023 and we are sharing 2022 Blue Check Awards winners. Given the changes to the Twitter verification system after Elon Musk took over and some other unforeseen circumstances, our...

BlueCheckU ‘Musk Era’ News and Updates

Now that things seem to be somewhat settling down on Twitter dot after the Elon Musk acquisition, it’s time for some updates that reflect a large number of changes.  While nothing that drastic has...

[GALLERY] Twitter Blue Parodies and Fake Tweets

As we always say, there's never a dull moment on Twitter dot com. Especially in the world of "Blue Check Twitter", where there's seemingly "drama" every day about a variety of topics. ...


Our NEWEST Quiz Game has finally arrived after a long hiatus since the previous one. "REAL or SATIRE?" is quite easy in theory, as you simply need to decide whether or not a...


Blue Check Meme Templates

The place to find hundreds of blank meme templates and anything else related to blue checks! Feel free to use ANYTHING you see.

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Blue Check Tweets

A collection of thousands of unorganized and random screenshots of tweets from blue checks on Twitter dot com.

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Blue Check Trading Cards

A gallery of our FAKE Blue Check "trading cards" that are a parody of the popular collectible items. (NOTE: not actually in production)

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Headline Gallery

A random collection of news headline screenshots that are either noteworthy, nostalgic, funny, insane, sad, or anything in between!

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Blue Check Glossary

A resource that seeks to define Twitter and 'Blue Check' Phrases in an unbiased manner. Submissions are always appreciated.

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Quizzes and Tests

Want to test your knowledge of Twitter (X) dot com and the Blue Checks that inhabit it? Check out our Quizzes and Tests to see how good you really are.

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